Budgeting Together: Turning Finances into Fun with your Significant Other

Justin Lewis
April 11, 2024

Welcome Fellow Budget Adventurers


Imagine this: It is a chilly Tuesday evening. You and your spouse are nestled on the couch surrounded by a sea of receipts, a calculator in hand, and a spreadsheet on the laptop that looks more complex than a rocket launch sequence.


There is a moment of silence, broken only by a sigh that says, “Why did we think budgeting together would be fun?


This was my wife, Tori, and I as we started our very first budget together. We were initially filled with excitement and had high hopes! Heck, we thought it would be easy. I do finance for a living. However, these hopes were quickly snuffed out by realization that our constant dinner dates and impromptu Target runs were about to come under serious scrutiny.


BUT! Here is the crazy part – what started as a financial face-off between Tori and I turned into one of the most engaging, enlightening, and entertaining experiences of our relationship!


Welcome to Budgeting Together: Turning Finance into Fun with Your Significant Other.” The concept of combined finances usually brings with it the images of daunting spreadsheets, endless discussions and spending, and a fear of having to justify every single Ice Chai Latte with Sweet Cream Cold Foam (Tori’s go to Starbies order!).


However, it does not have to be this way. This post is completely dedicated to transforming the seemingly mundane task of budgeting into an opportunity for you as a couple to strengthen your relationship, understand each other better, and achieve your dreams together – all while having a good laugh!


Here, we will explore the importance of budgeting as a couple and how this crucial step can lead to not just improved financial health but also...

  • Better communication
  • Sharing goals
  • Creating a deeper bond

Through creative collaboration and some humor, budgeting together can become less of a chore and more of an adventure.

So, grab your partner, keep an open mind, and let’s dive into the world of fun, effective budget planning for couples! Say goodbye to financial friction and hello to a future where your money and your relationship grow stronger.


The Art of a Personalized Budget


So if I said budgeting could be exhilarating – you would probably call me crazy. However, when done right, budgeting is not just about numbers and spreadsheets; its about crafting a financial plan that fits your unique life story.

Let’s begin this journey of financial enlightenment together!


The Magic of a Custom Budget Template


Imagine a tool so powerful that it could transform your financial chaos into harmony, aligning your dreams and realities with precision of a symphony conductor. This is not a fairy tale; it’s the reality of creating a custom budgeting template. The beauty of these templates is in the ability to adapt to your life! Whether you are saving for a dream vacation, a cozy nest egg, or simply trying to keep the lights on, a tailored budget is your road map to success.


Crafting these budgets usually start with understanding your financial flow – the ebbs of expenses and the flows of income. These templates sound amazing because honestly they are, but they are much hard to create that your might originally anticipate. I tend to build these for my clients, or work with my clients to build one. Think about this: you need to know your monthly take-home pay, your fixed expenses (rent, utilities, insurance, ect.), AND your variable expenses – these are the wildcards.

Your variable expenses are things like:

  • Gas
  • Groceries
  • Subscription services
  • etc...


Will you continue paying for Netflix?


Will you choose the organic avocado or the budget friendly banana?


When creating this budgeting template we need monthly averages of your all your expenses. This can be very time consuming and I tend to only suggest this option to clients working directly with me!


However, these personalize budgeting templates can truly give you an amazing flexibility in your financial life!


However, if meeting with me or creating one yourself is completely out of the question, there is another option that is recommend to every single on of my clients!


EveryDollar Website

My go to Budgeting App: EveryDollar


Now EveryDollar is an amazing app that helps make budgeting super simple. It has categories already established and all you need to do is plug in the numbers! This app does have an amazing feature, that takes budgeting to the next level.


Knowing roughly what you spend on items per month is helpful, but with EveryDollar you can track exactly what your spending in each category! This takes the guess work out of next months budget!


With EveryDollar, it encourages your to spend every dollar you make. Now how you spend it is up to you!


Do you spend some money into your savings?


Do you spend it on your bills?


Do you put it on your debts?


EveryDollar is the best app in my opinion for easily creating a budget and sticking to it!


Now let me share a quick story from Tori and I’s budgeting adventures! There we were, armed and excited to be tracking our expense through EveryDollar. What started as a optimistic journey turned into a eye-opening revelation – our “occasional” date night dinners were more way more than “occasional”. But here is the twist: instead of guilt, this discovery sparked some laughter and playful negotiation of who is the better cook because one of us needed to get in the kitchen. I lost that battle… Or did I win? Hm.




This light-hearted moment underscored a crucial budgeting truth – awareness is the first step toward change, and a little humor can turn even the most surprising expense into opportunities for growth and connection.


Personalized budgeting is not just about controlling your finances; it is about unlocking the freedom to live and love on your terms. As you work to create a budget, remember that this journey is yours to shape. Embrace the process, laugh at the surprises and watch your financial future unfold with clarity, confidence, and a touch of humor.


Now you might wonder...

What did we do to change our habits and grow closer as a couple?


Budget-Friendly Date Nights That Spark Joy


Now that we laid the groundwork with my two budgeting strategies, its time to tackle one of the most delightful parts of Tori and I’s financial journey! We reinvented date night. Who says you can date on a budget? Lets jump into the heart of creating a memorable, budget-friendly date night that not only saves your money by also bring you closer together.


Movie Night with a Twist


Now randomly choosing a movie on Netflix can be fun, but that was not good enough for Tori and I. (Mostly me) Instead, I introduced Tori to IMDb and told her to pick one of the 250 top rated movies! This has sparked a movie night tradition where we watch one of those movies! We also either make a fun desert or we go to the dollar store and each buy a box of candy and a soda. We would end up spending no more that 10$ and that was if we had to rent the movie! Haha, our next movie night is planned after Tori’s last midterm. We are going to enjoy watching Coco and making some Mexican hot chocolate and churro’s! It will be so much fun!


Its not just about watching the movies; its about the time creating the experience – one that is budget friendly and infinitely more personal and fun!

Outdoor Adventures on a Budget


Who know that be frugal could lead us to rediscover the outdoors! Do not get crazy we are not campers, but we love disc golf and sunsets! We have found joy in the simple act of being together in nature! It feels like we are adventurers! These activities cost little to nothing but offer priceless rewards of quality time spent with each other, away from the distractions of daily life.


Culinary Experiments at the House


Let’s turn to the kitchen! I hinted early Tori cannot cook,  and that’s the truth. But I’d be lying if I told you she cannot bake. That girl is talented when it comes to following directions. (a recipe) ...


Instead of dining out at expensive restaurants, we started finding recipes online learning to make those dishes at home! I cooked dinner and Tori made some of the best dessert I have ever had! These culinary experiments have led to laughter, a few mishaps (no missing fingers), and most importantly delicious meals enjoyed together. The process of cooking and experimenting with new recipes has not only saved us money but has allowed us to explore new foods and hone our cooking/baking skills as a team!


Now these dates are super fun and we still do date nights at least 2-3 times per month. However, we do actually need to sit down at least once a month and discuss the budget. We tend to do this over one of the dinners we cook! So yes we have lots of fun, but we do have to get into the weeds at least once a month. Typically for Tori and I, we discuss our budget at the beginning of the month and do a budget check-in at the middle of the month!


Navigating Budgeting Hiccups


Let’s face it: the road to budgeting bliss is often paved with good intentions and the occasional face-palm moment. Like the time we thought “entertainment” was just as essential as rent – MAJOR SPOILER AHEAD –entertainment is not essential… Or when “miscellaneous” became our budget’s black hole, swallowing an alarming portion of our income with the gravitational pull of a financial mystery. These hiccups helped shed light on the common pitfalls couples encounter on their budgeting journey.


One classic misconception is the belief that budgeting is synonymous with cutting all forms of fun out of life and living a super restrictive life. This is just completely not true. Real budgeting is about making informed decisions that align your spending with your values and goals, not about stripping all joy from life. It’s finding the balance between saving for the future and living in the present .


Learning from Our Own Hiccups


Now, for a personal tale from our “Budgeting Hall of Shame.” Early in our budgeting days, we once categorized an extravagant steak as a well deserved expense. After dinner, we didn’t have enough to pay for in in our date night fund so we robbed our grocery fund. Our justification: Dinner is kind of like groceries, right? This is what I like to call creative accounting. Its kind of funny, but it highlights a crucial lesson – honesty and clarity in what things actually cost are major keys to a successful budget.


This hiccup taught us the importance of having clear, mutually agreed-upon categories for tracking our expenses and the need for the regular “budget meeting” to review and adjust our plans. It was during these meeting , often accompanied by an amazing dinner and dessert, that we learned to navigate our financial differences and find common ground. These moment of learning, laughter, and compromise not only fine-tuned our budgeting skills but also brought us close to together as a couple.


Let’s get Moving


The adventure of budgeting is definitely unique to every couple, filled with its own set of challenges, triumphs, and yes, plenty of laugh-out-loud moments. What really makes this journey fun is sharing it with a community that understands, supports, and occasionally shares a good laugh over those “I can’t believe we did that” moments. This is where you come in – yes! You sitting there reading these words!


Who doesn’t love a good quiz or poll? They are not just fun; they are a fantastic way to engage and learn more! Imagine taking a “ What’s Your Budgeting Personality?” quiz.

What do you think it would reveal about you?

I know for me, it would call me out as a “Super Spender,”  Tori? She’d be classified as the “Savvy Saver” always looking to save a dollar!


Wrapping it up


As fun as this has been journeying through “Budgeting Together: Turning Finance into Fun with Your Significant Other,” let’s remember first that budgeting is giving yourself permission to spend. But let us not also forget that budgeting together helps us foster a stronger and more connected relationship. It is about transforming challenges into opportunity for growth, laughter, and love! It is about creating a financial future that is not only secure but also is rich with experiences and shared moments.


Are you ready to transform your budgeting journey from a chore into an adventure? Lets set up some time to chat about the basics of a budget, or let me help you design a plan that can take your finances to the next level!

Book a free consultation call below and we can begin your adventure today!

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